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It is the TaxMama's philosophy that you get what you pay for. People don't seem to respect advice given to them for free. So, if you'd rather pay for my advice, please, feel free to tender payment - buy a book or CD.

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TaxMama's Secrets

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TaxMama's Secrets
Current Wisdom

SENDING OUT PACKAGES or How to Avoid Standing in Line at the Post Office for over an Hour
eBay Sales and Garage Sales - Keeping Irrefutable Records
Tax Planning Tools - Legal and Sensible Ways to Keep Your Taxes Low
Tax Saving Secrets of Internet Entrepreneurs Revealed
Double Dipping . . . or Why You Can't Deduct Bad Debt
Ten Things You Didn't Tell Your Tax Pro
Finally, a Break for the Small Fry Or, Get $50,000 Tax Free
Wasting Time... or Dealing with the Trivia in Life
Using Online Services to File Your Tax Return
Job Hunting Safari
Beefing Up Tax Deductions in a Questionable Economy
How To Use Other People's Money For Your Business by Matthew Lesko
College Savings Plan? Or Your Retirement?
The Myth of the Self-Employed Health Deduction
Employee vs. Independent Contractor - The 20 Factors
A Twist On Using Credit Cards
Tax Scam Warnings
Where Shall I Incorporate?
Education Tax Benefits
Smart Tax Moves You Can Still Make
To File or Not to File ... The Procrastinator's Dilemma
You Can Ask The IRS A Question, But Don't
Most Popularly Misunderstood Tax Deduction: Home Office
Tax-Free Start-Up Money For Your Small Business
Estimated Payments
Save Thousands From Higher Education "TBreaks"
Why Congress Wants You To Live In Sin
Donating Your Car to Charity
Hiring A Tax Professional
Renting vs Buying A Car
To Give or To Get, That Is The Question
Five Simple Steps to Filling Out Your W-4
Work Opportunity Credit
The Nightmare Audit
Tax Issues When Bartering
Contributions In Outer Space
Fairy Tales Can Come True
The Dues and Don'ts of Belonging
Independent Contractor On The Warpath
The Free-Lance / Self-Employed Myth


For TaxPros
2003 Inflation Adjustments by Steve Odem
Tax Office Basics
Puerto Rico Returns
Ten Reasons to Call Your Clients This Fall: A Win-Win Proposition
Giving Your Clients a Reason to Call You - 
And Pay You More Often
Start Getting Ready for Tax Season Now, Part I
Start Getting Ready for Tax Season Now, Part II
Client Termination Letter
Great Career Alternative Become an EA
Caliornia Labor Code Regarding Gratuities (tips) NEW!
Tips For Filing Clients' Extensions
Help Your Clients Fill Out Their W-4s
EA Seminar in Prescott, Arizona June, 1998
Inside the IRS ...


Older Truths
Tax Reform Act of 1998
Taxes and the WWW
Does Congress Have Family Values?
Tax Tips For Families
Education Tax Benefits 98
1997 Tax Law Changes
Donating Your Car to Charity
96 Tax Law Summary
Doing Business On The Web
Business Taxes - Changes Affecting 1998
Corporate Tax Changes Affecting 1998
Innocent Spouse
Making Your Tax Resolutions


My Opinions

Is The Tax Code Obsolete? Are Taxes Really Illegal?
Or How One Woman Beat the IRS
Bush's Ecomonic Plan - Just One TaxMama's Observations
A Tale of Two Mentors
Why Should We Pay Taxes?
It Takes One Person To Make A Difference
Thanks For All The Gifts Week
So You think IRS Layoffs Are A Good Thing? Think Again!
Changing The IRS
A Visit To Tax Court


Teleconference Services Comparision
- and
Free Color Printers. Who are you kidding?
Making A Living At Home
The Author You Always Knew You Could Be!
Picking A WebHost and Getting Your Own Domain
FileTaxes - Do your W-2s and 1099s Online
StartBlaze Brings 10,000 visitors to your site!
Let Your Imagination Soar!


Take Action!
Call to Action:
Contacts to your Elected Officials...and Others
TaxMama Fraud Alert - Warnings About Identity Theft
The Myth of the Self-Employed Health Deduction
Make NSI accountable
Euzula! A fix-it code to turn it off

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